NaNoWriMo Day 13: Meet Rike Krola

I got in a lot of good writing today.  Jassa was reunited with a boy she fancies who had moved away months before the story began.  She literally ran into him.  It’s been a cute scene to write.

But enough about Jassa, it’s time to talk about my other main character for this NaNoWriMo novel, her younger brother, Rike.  So far this month, I’ve shared the plot of the story, gave you an excerpt, and introduced you to Jassa.  But now you need to get to know the other half of this story.

Meet Rike Krola, one of the primary protagonists of Mistcraft.


Name: Rikenar Krola

Nickname: Rike

Age: 12

Hair: Long enough to cover his ears, curly, blond, silver highlights

Skin: Tan

Favorite color: Red

Favorite Music: Anything fast paced

Favorite Food: Pie

Likes: Swordplay, listening to stories, his friends, his sister, his father, his horse, roughhousing

Dislikes: Tests, spicy foods, being treated like a child

Most prized possession: A letter written to him by his mother before she died

Why?: He’s read it over 100 times.  It’s the only real connection to his mother he has since she died shortly after he was born

Personality flaws: Proud and boastful, overconfident

Personality strengths: Tenacious, kind, and helpful

Rike knows that he’s an angel, and it frustrates him that the only real manifestations he’s experienced so far were small flickers of angelic power.  He doesn’t like listening to his father, who tells him that it will happen soon enough and often works with his older sister, Jassa, to help urge his angelic side a little.  He is at the very cusp of young adulthood but is still a kid in most people’s eyes, even his own most of the time.

He’s a little worried as Jassa has become a bit distant lately, and a little secretive.  When he asked her about it, she would always brush it off as his imagination.  He wonders what it is that she could be hiding from him, but try as he might, he has yet to figure it out.

He desires more than anything to show off his true abilities, and become a great leader of men.  Throughout history, there have been many angel generals, and Rike wants to join the ranks of them, and go down in history as one of the greatest warriors.

* * *

Rike, like his sister, is an angel, the son of a human and a celestial.  After the story began, he gained his first angelic manifestation, his aura, as well as learned what his sister was hiding from him, the fact that she, like him, has nacre abilities.  He is against the use of mistcraft and will do anything to keep himself from learning it as he believes it’s dangerous, especially for an angel.

Current word count for Mistcraft: 39,011/50,000!

Until my next post,

Andrew Ronzino, Nacre (Emptier)