During the Down Time

In the world of writing, there seems to be a bit of down time.  You end up in waiting periods; waiting for feedback, waiting for agents to contact you, waiting for the next big project to come your way.  What do you do during the down time?


It’s always good to keep writing.  Even if it’s nothing serious and you’re just writing for fun.  While you’re waiting, don’t just sit there twiddling your thumbs, keep going, keep the skills alive.  Always be writing something!  A short story, a poem, a blog, a letter, a bill for legislation, just write something.

I don’t always follow this advice, but I should, so I’m speaking more to myself than anyone else here.

I end up having a bit of down time (with writing projects, I mean, I’m actually quite busy usually), but I also have a lot of other projects I could be working on in the meantime.  I could draft some new stories, or write up character profiles for said stories.  I believe a writer should always have some kind of project, even if it’s something just for fun.

We grow as writers by playing around, trying new things, experimenting, learning.  Heck, you don’t even have to write, you can learn more about writing.  You could do some studying, read books on writing, read some writing blogs, even listen to podcasts and seminars.  In other words, even in the down time, be moving forward.

– Andrew

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