Andrew has several complete manuscripts under his belt, which are as yet unpublished.

He is currently seeking representation for his YA adventure novel called Written in Silence:

It’s been seventy years since Eric Genesis overthrew the United States government to save it from destruction, and now country is under the tyrannical dictatorship and iron fist of his son, President Paul Genesis. The military now controls everything in New America and the country is closed off to the rest of the world. Dianna Testa, along with many others, secretly believes that the president’s takeover was more hostile than history tells.

Dianna is the daughter of one of the highest ranking generals in New America, and is constantly moving from province to province. During her first day at her new high school, she meets Michael Vadaren, a silent boy who believes he has nothing to say. Dianna’s life becomes more complicated when she learns that Michael’s real parents were the leaders of an underground movement designed to take New America from President Genesis and return it to the free nation it once was. She becomes a fugitive with him so she can help him discover his voice and survive the military forces that are hunting them, including her own father.

Dianna must risk her life and safety to help the boy she loves survive assassination and become the voice of the resistance. She must speak on his behalf so that his written words can stir others to fight against oppression and tyranny, and take back their country. Together, Dianna and Michael must bring back the Home of the Brave!

Read Chapter 1 here: Written in Silence – Chapter 1