Five Days In

We are five days into NaNoWriMo, and I’ve been doing very well. I have already crossed the 20,000 word mark. 20k in five days isn’t bad at all.

Just today a friend of mine said, “You’re so close to the goal, you’re going to be done super early.” I told her that though the goal of NaNoWriMo is 50,000 words, I don’t stop there. My personal goal is to finish the novel. I don’t just want to write a bunch of words, it’s National Novel Writing Month, so I want to actually write “The End” in 30 days.

I look forward to this every year. I like to use the challenge to try new things and experiment with my writing. I don’t like to just do the same old thing year after year. I experiment with genre, style, POV, and various other elements.

Because this year I’m continuing a series I’ve been working on periodically for several years now, the setting isn’t new, but the story arc isn’t something I’ve handled before; underlying religious tones of tested faith. What happens when your faith gets rocked and you learn that something you believed in your whole life may have been a misconception? It’s a little challenging. I want to do my characters justice and not just have them react how I think I would, but rather how I think they would.

Question for writers: How do you handle this, when you want to keep your personal convictions separate from your characters’?

Advice for writers: Don’t be afraid to rock your MC’s boat a little. It’s okay to make them question their faith and explore what that means for them. How will it affect their future?

There is a day-by-day journal at my personal blog, The Paradigm, if you are interested in reading a more detailed account of what I’m writing and what experiences I’m having this year.

-Andrew Ronzino

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