NaNoWriMo Day 23: The Break Storm

My main characters have just gotten caught up in a storm.  But not just any storm, a Break storm.  It’s a factor of the broken world that the story takes place in.

The Break is the massive crack in the world.  Once a year, in the spring, there is an enormous storm that comes from the fissure.  It’s infused with energetic mist, and the lightning is iridescent like the mist is.  But Break lightning is more dangerous than regular lightning, it will incinerate flesh on contact.  And it’s attracted to mistcraft so nacres using mist to protect themselves from the storm will find themselves in even more danger.

The storm just started so I will see how my characters fair tomorrow.  I don’t think someone will die, but I’m pretty sure someone will be injured.

Current word count for Mistcraft: 69,306/50,000!

Until the day meets another,

Andrew Ronzino, Gamer

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