NaNoWriMo Day 20: A Turning Point

Rike, one of my main characters, has reached a turning point, and because of it, so has his sister, Jassa.  He had an experience with the Lady of the Mist, a shadowy woman who sometimes shows up in the energetic mist.  Some nacres worship her as a goddess, and others see her as a strange anomaly.

Up until this experience where the Lady of the Mist spoke with him, he had been against learning mistcraft in any capacity.  The nacres in charge see it as a sign because the Lady has never spoken to anyone before.  The Lady told him that he needed to let go of his fears of mistcraft and learn how to use it, and help the nacres heal the world.

And now, much to the confusion and worry of his sister, he wants to embrace the part of himself that he had been ignoring.  So Jassa is now thinking that something is not quite right, and she may start to have second thoughts about the nacres as a whole.

I planned this from the beginning.  She would be all for mistcraft, and he would be against it, and now is the turning point for both of them, where they start to switch sides and still be at odds with each other.  Jassa will never fully give up mistcraft, but she may start to think that the nacres are hiding something.

This has been an interesting part of this story to write.

Current word count for Mistcraft: 56,387/50,000!

Until we meet again,

Andrew Ronzino, Worldbuilder

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