NaNoWriMo Day 5: Arguments Abound

NaNoWriMo Journal 2018

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I crossed the 10,000 word mark! And today I crossed the 15,000 word mark.  I’m ahead and in good shape.  The reason why I like to be ahead is because I don’t just want to hit 50,000 words on Day 30, I want to be able to finish the novel.

That being said, my two sibling characters, who I will eventually introduce to you, are arguing.  Jassa is 13, and Rike is 12, and other than a few sibling spats, they got along great, until Jassa told Rike something that made him so angry that he cussed her out and kicked her out of his room, and the two of them have been sour to each other ever since.  No big deal, maybe.  I mean, I spent a good long time angry and my brother and sister back in the day.  However, last night and this morning when I was writing, their argument and silent treatment ended in a fight.  How bad of a fight, you may ask?

Kick-in-the-balls-then-use-magic-to-hurt-each-other-as-much-as-possible bad. Their spat turned vicious and ugly quick.  Who knows how far it would have gone if their father didn’t step in and stop the fight?

I never intended for them to end up this angry with each other, but I did intend on having a fight (it’s my way of introducing how the magic works), but the fight went from being just a run-of-the-mill to something much more dangerous, which will add good tension between my MCs that I can use later on.

Current word count for Mistcraft: 15,277/50,000!

Until the morning sun rises,

Andrew Ronzino, Time Traveler

P.S. Always remember that it was on November 5th, 1955 that Doc Brown discovered time travel. Great Scott!

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