My Story is so Short…

I’ve started working on a new short story a few weeks ago.  I’m still not too sure I’m good at them, but I’ve been getting better at writing them the more I work at it.  I’m going to keep with it and improve what I feel is a weakness of mine in my writing.

This new story has been a bit difficult.  I hit a brick wall with it for a little while and then I decided to take it in a slightly different direction.  After making that decision, I was able to get a little further into it.  I’m liking where it’s going and I’m hoping that after revisions and critique it’ll be something I can truly be proud of.

I never thought that the challenge of writing short would be fun, but I’ve been enjoying it.  When I wrote Etched in Steel, I had to keep it under 1,250 words.  That was a challenge, but I got it done.  And now I’m thinking the work paid off.


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